Kharma - Wonderland (2000)

1. Free Yourself
2. Wonderland
3. Knowing You
4. Burn Forever
5. In Chains
6. Standing Alone
7. Part Time Lovers
8. Angel Eyes
9. Ray of Sunshine
10. Spell on You
11. Don't Close Your Eyes
12. Hold On
13. Wings of History

About the Artist
Singer and front man GRAN EDMANs vocal artistry is impressive, and he worked with a lot of groups and artists, among them YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, VINNIE VINCENT, TALISMAN, JOHN NORUM, GLORY, BRAZON ABBOTT, REINGOLD and others. Guitarist DRAGAN TANASKOVIC, also responsible for the production, owns BOHUS STUDIOS, one of Scandinavias leading recording studios. Together with KHARMA keyboarder ATILLA SZABO, he developed VANESSA, a project that ended in KHARMA. Bass player JOEL STARANDER (SWDISH EROTICA), and drummer IMRE DAUN (BLACK, ALIEN, DON PATROL) added their best to this band. Sixth member of this group is MATS OLUASSON (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ROXETTE, JOHN NORUM, JEAN BEAUVOIR, KEE MARCHELLO). Gran Edman, his old friend, played him the KHARMA demos, and he was more than willing to add his artistry on keyboards to it. 

Product Description
Another great Melodic Rock import from NEH Records. With KHARMA, we are presenting a group one could without hesitation call the legitimate heirs of QUEEN. In addition, the influence of bands like KANSAS, STYX, FOREIGNER, or DEEP PURPLE is more than obvious.

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