Zen Motel - Stations Of The Dead (2007)

1.: Head
2.: 21st Century Bitch
3.: Dress Code Violence
4.: Real Good Time
5.: Howl
6.: So Selfish Too
7.: Drugstar
8.: Pissed
9.: What You're On
10.: Last Night Of The English Pigs
11.: Honey Ryder
12.: Trackside Pussy

Zen Motel came together in Essex during 2003, releasing the critically acclaimed self financed, self recorded album ‘Transform and Escape’ the following year through their own label. The album subsequently caught the attention of Cargo records who offered to distribute the album throughout the U.K. Zen Motel were then briefly signed to major management in the U.S.A with the same legal team as behind The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Marilyn Manson, however the band walked away from these deals due to encroaching artistic compromise, retaining their dignity but condemning themselves to a life of poverty!

2007 saw the release of the second Zen Motel album 'Stations of the Dead', another triumph of independent spirit, yet again recorded, produced and released by the band themselves. The album forges its own unique sound and character from the Grunge-a-Billy of 'Head', through the introspective 'Drugstar' to the sleaze techno of 'Trackside Pussy', it's a album without a dull moment. 'Stations of the Dead' also features guest appearances by CJ from U.K rock legends The Wildhearts on 3 tracks, a meeting of minds that went so well Lee went on to play in CJ's band 'The Satellites', recording an album and touring China and Japan. Through these tours, Japanese record label Vinyl Junkie, home of U.K chart bothering bands The Wombats and The Courteeners became aware of Zen Motel and licensed the Zen Motel album, releasing it in Japan in July 2007.

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